I arrived DC last night  to participate in the Chesapeake Bay RAVE, it’s been 13 hours since i left home (delayed flight) , my wife Elizabeth drove me 3 hours  to  Los Cabos International airport from La Paz, then 11 hours more between San Jose , Charlotte and finally Reagan Airport in DC, i am staying at the Hotel Americana famous for it’s old fashion style which made it well known among the filming industry;. Today my friend, colleague and ILCP president Cristina Goetch Mittermeir picked me up in her fabulous statementmovil  to take me to ILCP’s headquarters in CI’s building.

Cristina's Statementmovil

Once in ILCP Cristina introduced me to some people i only knew by phone or email, the ILCP staff is very friendly and their work environment  fantastic!,  walls are framed by Frans Lanting, Daniel Beltra , Art Wolfe, Nick Nichols, Annie Griffits and Cristina’s own work among other ILCP fellows. After going through some RAVE details with Justin Black ILCP’s Director i received finally my flip camera which i will be using in the field to record video for ILCP’s EXPOSE blog. After having a wonderful and healthy lunch, Cristina drives me on her way to the airport to a camera store where i bought some items  required for this assignment.

The following hours led to a  a  visit to NG headquarters  to see  Joel Sartore’s (ILCP fellow) exhibit  RARE, after a long hot and humed walk i ride the metro back  to my hotel where i am  currently doing research for my  assignment,.

Tomorrow i am renting a vehicle and will drive 3 hours to Harrisburg to meet Kelly Donaldson from Chesapeake Bay Foundation ,  the following 8 days i will be following the Susquehanna river south of NY to Pennsylvania.