I am two days behind my blog posts, this days have been very intense with lots of places to visit and people to talk to, i am posting my first day on the field with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation , at the moment i find my self in Lewisburg, PA,  this will be my first morning off since the 8th of august, will focus in organizing field notes, editing/selecting  images and of course update all my trip details in this blog, enjoy and thanks for following!!

August 8/2010, spent my morning at the rental in DC with credit card issues and Visa’s 1-800 number never answers the phone, after a while everything is arranged and leave inmediatly for  Harrisburg, i get trapped in peak traffic hour  , i finally  Harrisburg and meet Kelly Donaldson  and Cathy L. Hiebert .

August 9/2010:  First morning in Harrisburg, early in the morning i walk with Cathy from Chesapeake Bay Foundation around her neighborhood, we visit a creek that feeds the Susquehanna river and  enterview her with my Flip Camera.

we meet Kelly at CBF’s headquarters around 9 am, we pack our cars and drive north to Bloomsberg, PA, to meet Andy Wodehouse Buffer specialist from CBF, heavy rain during all our beautiful drive!

We visit Schultz farm, a clean water farm award winner , this farm was also the first one to enroll in CBF’s program.

We drove a lovely rolling hill/farm scenery and  ascend to  Katawisa, where we hike to Roaring Creek, an abandoned stream channel when the Susquehanna river moved, breath taking views, to my surprise on my left side there is a huge pile of garbage 30 feet under my feet, i manage to take a couple of shots going downhill in a very steep and slippery slope , with one hand on tree branches, camera on the other.

Visit to Ken Baker farm, a warm season grasses field which was highly marginal, errodable crop land, David explains the environmental services this grasses provide by  retainings  sediments from sliding into the Susquehanna river, this grasses have deep root sistem and greater infiltration than traditional crops of soy or corn, they are very effective in restoring the land, We also hike through some ancient oaks covered with lichen.

We had a fabulous sandwich lunch at creekside restaurant in Orangeville, PA, i take my first roadside portrait of mike who works at this place, he tells me how he has grown up  next to the river, but never has  interact with it  due to the high levels of pollution.

After lunch i spent some time in Fishing Creek taking photos, when i was about to leave a grey heron lands in a light clearing of the river,  i got only two sharp photos with  the 400, (600 with the 1.4 magnification factor).

Andy takes us to our last spot, K-Farm in Orange Ville, PA, by now rain intensifies, we drive atop a mountain and get under unbrellas, Andy talks about how this place has all a farmer needs to grow grasses that could possibly be turned into pallets for fuel.

Since rain has only intensified, i manage to get some photos of this farm through my rental car’s windshield , the sliding water gives an  impressionistic effect.

Andy  tells us he  is going home and says goodbye, he has been amazingly helpful and  generous with his time, great human being!!

We head north and stay at the Woolands Resort in Wilkes-Barre, before dinner i spent some time taking photographs of Laurel Run (at one side of the hotel) , a huge exposed drainage dominates the view, is rusted and ready to collapse into the creek, i am done for the day!

For more information on this Chesapeake ILCP/CBF RAVE visit the following websites  www.ilcp.com and Chesapeake Bay Foundation website http://www.cbf.org

RAVE is born as an initiative of the International League of Conservation Photographers.  Conceived to address the challenges of modern conservation, RAVE aims to achieve a full visual and media assessment in a short period of time by means of a multi-disciplinary team that includes several specialized ILCP photographers (landscape, wildlife, macro, camera trapping, portraiture), writers and cameramen. Their job is to bring back a comprehensive portrait of a conservation issue or threat in a very short period of time. More info at http://www.ilcp.com